Marijuana Prohibition is Now Costing the US $53 Billion Every Year

A shocking report published in revealed that as a country, we’re losing $53 billion each year from prohibiting cannabis. The main reasons why it’s sending money down the drain is because the government instead chooses to spend money on cannabis enforcement as well as wasted tax revenues.

Ellevan and the Online Freestyle Rap Battle with Himself

The freestyle rap battle where the audience wins. Meet Ellevan. His craft is music. Every Tuesday on Facebook at 6:30 PM EST, Ellevan has a freestyle rap battle with himself. That’s right: The Ellevan Freestyle Livestream. The hottest thing to hit the web since sliced bread and the best place …

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Weed Clothing for Women and Other Ganja Garbs

Females are leading a fashion-forward fight against cannabis stigma and bringing creative paraphernalia out in the open. Fashion has always been a way to express feelings, politics and personal creativity. Weed clothing for women is pushing the stigmas of the cannabis scene and creating new sustainable looks. For decades, cannabis and …

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Women in Cannabis like Alison Gordon are Shaping the Industry

CEO of 48North Cannabis Corp and Canada’s first licensed producer to focus on the female market, Alison Gordon has been changing the energy in the industry. Trailblazing in the industry, Alison Gordon is showing the power of women in cannabis business. And legal cannabis has ignited a fuse in the in an ever-growing …

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