Why Colorado Tokers Love Mandarin Temple

I’m probably never going to learn how to speak Mandarin unless our future Chinese overlords say so, but I’ve been smoking a ton of it lately. Mandarin Cookies, Mandarin Sunset and Mandarin Dreams have all been in season at dispensaries for the better part of three years now, and there’s no sign of them departing any time soon. There have been a couple of additions to the family from the same breeder that gave us all the other Mandarin varieties, but the new kids have yet to be knighted.

Colorado’s Ethos Genetics is responsible for the orange crush so many Denver dispensaries are under, crossing Herijuana and Orange Skunk that birthed Mandarin Sunset, then taking off commercially with Mandarin Cookies. Our latest citrus deity is a cross of Mandarin Sunset and Temple Kush, another Ethos creation. Mandarin Temple isn’t very orange, though, instead taking after Temple Kush’s background of OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Afghani and Purple Thai. While that might disappoint someone expecting the sweet orange burst from Mandarin Sunset and Mandarin Cookies, I’ll happily accept this black sheep’s hash qualities and dependable high.

Mandarin Cookies’ ability to combine Florida oranges with heavy resin is more distinguishable than sturdy evening effects and flavors from decades past, but the fuddy-duddy in me prefers the way Mandarin Temple always hits the same. It’s my glass of whiskey after work, giving me a short rush that numbs stress and increases intrigue before chipping away at my energy. The juiced-up approach toward Eastern Kush varieties is like watching a well-made period piece, giving me all the clothes, cars and music from the ’50s in clearer visuals and sound.

Mandarin Temple won’t ever be Mandarin Cookies in terms of widespread notoriety, but the strain’s current popularity among wholesale growers and its modern boost on older cannabis characteristics give it a bright chance to stick around. Just don’t expect any orange on the tastebuds, or you’ll be seeing red.

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