The Cannabis User’s Starter Kit

Cannabis, weed, marijuana, for the longest time, was thought to only have been used by stoners. This is certainly no longer the case as cannabis is now used for both recreational and importantly, medicinal purposes. Research and technology have been used to find and understand the herb’s real benefits if the dosage and use is managed wisely. The industry is booming today because of many more countries legalizing its use in some way. The size of this market was just over USD10 billion in 2018, and incredibly, it is anticipated to reach just over USD100 billion in 2026. Many stores, both physical and online, such as make this possible by offering a wide variety of products.

If you’ve decided to prioritize cannabis use in your life, you’re more likely to benefit from its adoption if you spend adequate time understanding the plant and how it is consumed. Its growth has been accompanied by additional methods of use, some of which are better for some people than others. Let’s kick your learning journey off with information on your starter kit.


Rolling Papers

Rolling paper is used for making cigarettes, but if they are filled with cannabis then it is a joint. If you’re having a lazy day, you can buy pre-rolled joints. A blunt, meanwhile, is the big brother of the joint and is basically a hollowed-out cigar filled with cannabis. There will be extra nicotine in the latter experience, as the cigar encasing is tobacco leaf. Recent cannabis use innovation includes flavored rolling papers, which complement and add a fruity, sweet, or savory taste to your smoke.  There are also unbleached rolling papers, and even flavored blunt wraps, eliminating the tobacco leaf altogether for blunts.


Breaking up your marijuana into smaller pieces can be done with your fingers, but a grinder is faster and is every serious cannabis user’s faithful companion that will guarantee a smoother smoke. Your options include a simple cheese grater-type grinder and more complex multi-chamber devices. There is a comfort in this ritual appreciated by those who use it. Not all accessories are made alike, so tap into the many sources of info, before making your choice.  


A bong is a water pipe, that includes a bowl filled with dry weed, and when lit, provides a thick, smooth smoke. When you inhale, bubbles are produced in the water at the bottom of the bong. The smoke moves up the water-filled pipe and into the chamber, before entering your mouth and lungs. This is a much smoother experience than the dry heat of smoking a joint, thanks to water filtration. You’re still allowing smoke to enter your lungs, so it is not a less harmful option. Time and technology provide many bong designs, but they all do much the same thing as the original bamboo pipe, which is to filter and cool the smoke.

One hitter

It is as it sounds, a once-off. A tiny pipe and very narrow bowl, filled with roughly enough marijuana for a single inhalation. Any strain of cannabis can be used in a one-hitter. Small, easy to clean, quick to pack away, conserve your stash, minimal odor, limited consumption, and discreet in its nature, are a long and strong list of reasons why it is chosen by many. This might be a great way to start your cannabis journey!


Sealed container

You’re spending cash on your stash. Taking the best care of it should include an airtight container to house it, keeping moisture out and preserving its flavor. Preferably glass, but some users find Tupperware keeps it fresh and flavorful too.

Bonus: Edible

You’ll thank us for this info later! Edibles are food products that include, as an ingredient, cannabis. Delicious baked goods such as chocolate brownies, sweets in the form of gummy bears, tinctures that can be dropped under your tongue, amongst others. This is a more intense high than smoking and its effects last longer. Exercise some patience, as you won’t feel it as quickly as a joint. You don’t want to tuck into more and overuse. They contain either or both key chemical compounds found in marijuana, CBD, and THC. The former is hailed for its medicinal properties including treatment for pain and anxiety. THC delivers the euphoric high. As a new user, probably best that you gravitate towards the CBD edibles for now. 

This is a useful start. Your safety and your dosage are crucial. Don’t rely on others to make important decisions about your cannabis use, which could be detrimental to you. Harness only what it has to offer that is good.

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